[Android app review] “Smahospital” Cute but powerful app to combat smartphone addiction


Do you manage your smartphone satisfactorily?
Or do you know how long you use your smartphone a day?
If not, try this Android app “smahospital,” which shows you very useful data to help you understand your smartphone and yourself well!

A Japanese development company Fuller.Inc released this app recently and their object is to tackle the big problem smartphone addition prevailing among young people in Japan. Therefore the app looks very simple, funny and kinda cute to attract many young people!
*Unfortunately, there is only Japanese version now. However the app is simple to use, so you can get used to using it soon.


↑ The above man is named Dr.Ojisan. He says,” If you are suffering from smartphone addiction, your slow smartphone, or the battery running out fast, I can help you.”

What can be diagnosed in “Smahospital”?


1) You can see how many times you use each app per day.  This will show you whether you are addicted  to smartphones or not!



2)When you feel your smartphone is getting slow, you should check the left storage. The screen above show you the percentage of the left storage and also the apps you haven’t used recently.  You can easily uninstall unnecessary apps on this screen.


2015-05-29_1334        2015-05-29_1330


3) When your smartphone consumes the battery fast, Dr. Oji alerts you! (See the left picture.)  Then, check how much the battery has been used by percentage. (See the right picture.) Running apps are shown in this display, so you can stop running or uninstall unnecessary apps easily to save the battery.



4) The apps you use are automatically analyzed and you can get the tendency of apps you use with  the above chart. The 6 categories of apps shown in the chart are “Utilities,””Social,””Games,””Entertainment,””Lifestyle,””Work Efficiency.”(clockwise)


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Do you want to download the app?  Click here→ Play Store

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