Just attach this small device to your pen and kids will study more


KOKUYO CO., LTD., a Japan-based manufacturing company primarily offering stationery and furniture products, announced that it has been developing a smart device which will detect and visualize how much the user has written. The tentative name of the device is “Syukudai Yaruki Pen (That means a pen that will make a user get motivated to finish homework.”


How to use it

Attach the smart device on your pencil. The LED light at the end of the device will glow when the writing amount has reached the specified level.


Then, tilt the pencil toward the dedicated smartphone app screen like watering a plant with a water pot.


Then a tree in the app screen will grow little by little.


The illustration is so cute that the your kids will be motivated to write more.

Now this product is still in the beta stage, and it’s currently being crowdfunded for development. If you contribute 3,000 yen to this project, you can participate in the meeting to use the product and have a chance to make the maker listen to your opinion.


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