Microsoft HoloLensのデモンストレーションを見た感想


Google Glassよりゴーグルっぽい外見ですが…


“The HoloLens is wondrous. It blew me away. And it suggests that interacting with holograms could become an important part of how we use machines in the future.”


“The holograms did not have very high resolution, and sometimes they were a little dull. Yet they were crisp enough to instantly create the illusion of reality — which was far more than I was expecting.”



“One was a call on Skype, Microsoft’s video calling service. Using the service, I called an electrician, who showed me how to install an electric light switch. I could see the electrician superimposed in my field of view as I worked on the switch; he saw what I saw because of the camera on my HoloLens, and he could draw diagrams in my view that helped guide me along.”


“In another scenario, one that Microsoft developed in conjunction with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, I walked in a Martian landscape that had been captured by a rover on the planet.”


“In the third scenario, Microsoft showed off HoloStudio, an app that allows novices to design 3-D objects and then to send them for 3-D printing to make them real.”


“Glass is meant to be more like a replacement for your phone — a way to get a quick dose of information at a glance — while the HoloLens seems more like a substitute for the personal computer.
In other words, it’s meant to be useful.”

訳:Google Glassは電話の代わりという位置づけ-つまり一目である情報を得る手段。それに対してHoloLensはPCの代わりになるもの。言い換えれば何かの役に立てるという意図がある。


Source: New
York Times

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