[app review]”Escape Girl’s Room” It’s a kawaii escape game made in Japan!!


Are you a fan of Japanese “kawaii” things? If you are, please try this lovely-looking game, “Escape Girl’s Room”!
The furniture in the room looks so lovely! Please take a close look at every item! You’ll be able to definitely enjoy the delicate art made in Japan.



Find out 5 specified cosmetic items to escape from the girl’s room! (Each room specifies a different cosmetic item to collect.)
At beginning, you are confined in a very cute decorated room. You have to get the key to go out of the room. To get the key, collect the 5 specified cosmetic items and you’ll get the key!
You can tap one place to magnify it so that you can search easily. Let’s tap everywhere you want to search thoroughly!



When you want to use a special item which helps you to find the 5 cosmetics, select the item to use and tap the place where you want to use it. For example, I found the matchbox in ???(secret), but I’ve not found out how to use it!

There are various tricks such as a box which needs a passcode to open it and a wall picture whose layout can be changed. Look for hints hidden in the room to find out the cosmetic items finally!



You’ve collected the 5 items!? Hurray!! Now you get the key to open the room door. Let’s go to the next room!!


The level of this game is not too hard or too easy- moderate. Therefore even if you are not good at escape games, this game is enjoyable.
Please enjoy not playing the game but appreciate the cute, delicate artistic works created by Funkyland, a game development company in Japan, which is the origin of “kawaii.”

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