The app “My brother ate my pudding – escape room” wants you to chuckle rather than escape (maybe)

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Have you ever got furious by finding that one of your family members ate your pudding in the fridge? Or vice versa?



What game is the “My brother ate my pudding – escape room”?

In the app “My brother ate my pudding – escape room,” the boy’s sister is chasing the boy (=you) , who ate her pudding secretly. There are 20 rooms and you have to pass all of the rooms by hiding yourself from the angered sister.


The “My brother ate my pudding – escape room” app review


Honestly, I’m far from a video game nut but I like the game very much and enjoy it truly. One of the reasons, it’s a very simple and intuitive game, so you can get the knack of it soon.

How can you hide yourself in the room? ( Don’t worry. You can get a hint by tapping the button at the upper right corner.)

However, the most attractive point of the game is the boy’s kind of surreal ways to hide from his sister. Every time you pass a room, you will find yourself grinning by the boy’s humorous action as well as feeling triumph.

Anyway, you will soon find that just passing the rooms is nonsense. You shouldn’t miss a chance to find the scattered humor, so you are highly recommended to make a mistake on purpose and get a hint in each room. (Or you can enter the room again even after you passed it.)



The more you enjoy the “My brother ate my pudding – escape room” game, the more frustrated you’ll feel because it is such a small game that you’ll complete it soon.

Then visit the hap Inc website, and you can enjoy similar games that the same developer created previously.


“My brother ate my pudding – escape room” (for iOS) (for Android)

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