“SQUEEZE MUSIC” – Taste the song drink!


A completely new way to enjoy music has been produced by a Japanese team. Have you ever imagined what “Hey Jude” tastes like??



The “SQUEEZE MUSIC” is the world’s first jukebox that enables you to taste the music you choose.


How the SQUEEZE MUSIC works

While playing a song, the song mood is being analyzed in real time. According to the mood, the matching taste is added and mixed.  For example, when the mood is happy, sweet taste will be added. On the other hand, when a sentimental mood begins, salty taste like tears will be added.



SQUEEZE MUSIC won the Good Design Award 2017

The reason for winning the award is reported that this product allows us to literally “taste” music for the first time ever and this can provide new experiences by combining music, food and drink further.  Besides, the product seems to consisting of standing tubes, which symbolize mysterious experiment in turning music into tastes.

Now you can see the SQUEEZE MUSIC in Tokyo and Fukuoka.











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