“magpiii” is the first SNS app for sharing your shopping


Do you love shopping in Japan?? If so, you should think of trying the new iOS app “magpiii” created by a Japansese startup Ricecurry Factory Inc. This app is the first SNS app on which you can share your shopping and connect to other users. (Please note that this app is currently available on the Japanese App Store only.)



What you can do with the “magpiii” app 

①Share a photo of the good that you bought

Take a picture of the good you bought and boast it!  The photo will be automatically cropped into a circle when you upload it so you can post a cute photo without hustle.


②Put a tag on the good that you want to recommend others to shop

If you put a tag (with a frog picture) on your post, the product can be shopped online.


③Find people whose shopping taste is similar to yours

Follow the person that you are interested in and inspire each other to better shopping!


④Connect easily

When you think that someone’s shopping is nice or you find someone that you are interested in, you can see the person’s posts on the timeline anytime. Besides, you can send your applause using the “mag” button (with a bird picture) or leave your comment.


⑤Meet various products beyond your shopping habits

You can probably find what you want to buy next or interesting things because you can see various goods that the app users bought in their daily shopping or special luxury shopping.

(source: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000013.000019306.html,  https://magpiii.com/)

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