Shut out no show customers and protect your restaurant with “Cancel Protection” 


TableSolution, the system for managing the online reservation of restaurants, announced that its subordinate service “Cancel Protection” gained over 200 users in about four and half months since its launch on June 1, 2017.




What’s the service “Cancel Protection?”

The “Cancel Protection” is the online credit card payment system, which the client shops can use for free. ( They  don’t have to pay the initial cost and monthly service fee for the “Cancel Protection,” but need to pay for the “Table Solution” service. )

The system allows the client shops to make payment the time when a customer make a reservation or offer their customers a credit reservation. The client shops can set either of the options as they like.


Why does the “Cancel Protection” matter?

The service will effectively eliminate reservation cancellations without notice or no-show customers without paying  cancellation fee. As a result, your royal fans can book your restaurant more easily and that will make your shop more prosperous.

Around Year End and New Year, the number of group reservations will increase and the risk of cancellation tends to get higher than usual.

The problem caused by cancellation without notice is getting serious. They lead to the waste of food material and manpower. Besides no-show customers prevent expected customers from making a reservation and that  deteriorates the sales. Really annoying!



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