Soeasy, 15-second video sharing SNS released its iOS app at last!



Hurrah, Soeasy fans! Soeasy, which has over 500 thousand followers on its Facebook account in just about one year since its release, has finally launched its iOS app.




What’s Soeasy?

“Soeasy” is an SNS on which you can share ideas of life changing ways to use ordinary, everyday objects.  People create and upload 15-sec videos to share their ideas on the service.


Why is Soeasy so popular?

It provides us useful, truly-easy-to-try ideas to solve something bothering us in everyday life. Besides you can have a lot of aha moments by watching the posted videos.

Most videos are in Japanese, but you can find some English videos.


Soeasy announced that it will create the English version of it Facebook account soon. In addition to that, it will also  have its Instagram account to provide useful information for foreign visitors to Japan.







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