“AR CRAFT VIEWER” are reasonable goggles and good for learning the AR technology


If you try the AR technology for the first time, you might want to get the budget goggles that are now raising a fund  on the Japanese crowdfunding site “Campfire.”





GregState Co.,Ltd., a Japanese web design and development company has created this prototype. As you see, this “AR CRAFT VIEWER” consists of cardboard.  They say that the goggles are affordable and easy to build for everyone , and also you can learn about the system of the AR technology while you are constructing the goggles!



You can put the device 4.7 inches or larger up to 6 inches into the goggles.


You can get three pairs (!) of the “AR CRAFT VIEWER” for 3,000 yen through the crowd funding site.

If you are interested in the AR technology, but you are thinking twice to buy goggles, the “AR CRAFT VIEWER” is the perfect one.

The deadline to apply for the funding campaign is February 11, 2018.






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