Walk more to get sponsorship from a major company using the SPOBY app   


If you always find it difficult to continue your exercise habit, you should try this app.

A Japanese mobile app development company CUVEYES Inc. rolled out SPOBY for iOS in February, 2018. The SPOBY app can offer you an honorable reward –  sponsorship from a big company if you work out enough!


How to use SPOBY

When you go out walking, just take your smartphone with you. You don’t need to open the app and it will automatically start saving the data of your exercise.


You can get the following “jewels” according to the number of your steps.

  • Sapphire: You can get a Sapphire per 100 steps.
  • Ruby: You can get a Ruby if the number of your steps is over 10,000 in a day.
  • Emerald: You  can get an Emerald if the number of your steps is over 10,000 for 5 consecutive days.
  • Crystal: You can get a Crystal at the specified event or shop.



The jewels can be changed to the product of the company which you’ve chosen as your sponsor. For example, you can get 4 bags of Matcha Green Tea KITKAT (38 pieces total) with 500 sapphires if you sponsor is Nestle.

The 5 sponsors are now available.


News article about your winning sponsorship is issued

To make your honorable moment more impressive,  the news article about your getting sponsorship is issued automatically by the app. You can share the news to your friends via SNSs to make them surprise.

Note: The news is NOT published on the Internet!


Grab SPOBY from the App Store.










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