A Japanese shoe startup will make 3D foot measuring so easy


MILLIMETER,INC. is a custom made shoe startup based in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The startup offers fully tailored shoes using its original technology to eliminate wearer’s shoe trouble with its flagship “Eoluna.”

On April 4, 2018, the company announced that it will start to offer the 3D measuring installation to other retailers of not only shoe industry but also others as OEM from September, 2018.


Why “Eluna” so popular?

Instead of wooden shoe mold, the company creates a 3D-printed-mold and that reduces the cost of making fully-tailored shoes drastically. This service is so popular that we have to wait for about 3 months to get the ordered item.

When the measuring installation OEM is realized, each retailer doesn’t have to have expert shoe fitters or bulky inventories of various sizes. That enables retailers of other industries such as nail salons or wedding planning companies to deal custom made shoes easily. They are planning to install the 100 devices in Japan and overseas in total by 2020.


Traditionally, 3D measuring is used in the shop. On the contrary, the company aims that customers can measure their foot and order shoes at home in the near future.

The technology behind the service is the following.

  • Adopting the photo-composition technology which is used for measurement by drone makes the device light weighted.
  • Using a universal camera reduces the cost for production of the device .
  • Reducing the measuring time diminishes measurement errors caused by the customer’s wobbling .
  • The IoT device enables to connect to smartphones and cloud services easily.
  • The colored picture enables to analyze the reddened area by a shoe trouble or the customer’s foot structure.


The company obtained a patent in Japan for the measuring system in 2016 and also completed the international patent application in 2017. They say that they will reinforce its platform, add its service contents and increase its convenience by collaborating with business partners.


Source: https://www.eoluna.com/


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