Japanese new web service will develop your reading habit using email


Get an email and read it every day and you will read through a book a month. The beta version of the “Bungou mail” (Bungou means a great literary figure in Japanese) service was launched a month ago and they say that the number of its user registration has passed 6,000.


Each email contains a part of book, which will take you within a few minutes to finish reading.  The books are chosen from Aozorabunko, an Internet library of copyright expired books in Japan. That means that you can get an opportunity to read through Japanese famous classic books without special efforts.


The log of emails delivered to users are all saved in its blog(↓) and you can get the storyline even if you don’t sign up at the beginning of a month.

Share your book report in real time via Twitter.


The developer is going to optimize the service for users to create a reading habit and make them stick to it for a long time.




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