A device that measures your cats pee will be on sale soon


Japan’s Sharp Corporation has announced a new product for cat owners. The device enables you to monitor your cats pee to help keep track of its health.

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The background of developing this product

The total number of pet cats and dogs is now over 18 million and that surpasses the number of children under 15 in Japan. Sharp aims to produce smart devices for not only humans but also pets to meet the demand for pet care.

According to Professor Yoshiharu Okamoto at Tottori University, the most common disease that pet cats are suffering from is related to the urinary system. Therefore it’s very important to check the amount of a cat pee per day in order to notice if there are any problems. The company collaborated with Tottori University and developed the AI for measuring the urine data and introduced it to the monitoring system.


How to use it

To use the service, you need to sign up for “COCORO PET,” install the app, and set up the WiFi network . The subscription fee is 300 yen per month.

Put the dedicated chips in the tray which allow all of the urine to go through. Then, the dedicated sheet in the drawer below will absorb the urine. They say that the dedicated chips and sheet should be used because they guarantee the precise measurement.




The amount of the urine absorbed in the sheet will be measured by the weight scale at the bottom of the device and the data will be saved in the cloud and sent to the owner’s smartphone.

The weight scale which sits under the tray and drawer.


If you have two or more cats, you can save each cat’s data using the neck badge (up to three cats.)


The price of the monitoring device is 26,784 yen (~243 USD) and the neck badge is 4,298 yen (~38.94 USD.) They will be on sale on July 30, 2018.


Source: http://ascii.jp/elem/000/001/691/1691963/




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