A carbon copy of Saya, a 3D CG idol character will definitely confuse you.


Look at the three pictures below, can you tell which one is the virtual character?







Saya is a virtual  high school girl who was created by a Japanese couple of 3D CG artists, “TELYUKA.” Saya’s Twitter debut was in 2015 and since then she has been upgraded year by year.

Picture No.1  is of Saya in 2015  and No.2 is in 2016. What about No.3?

The girl in picture No. 3 is not Saya. She looks remarkably like Saya, but she is a real girl called Saori Takayama. She says on Twitter that she was thinking that people would complain about her cosplaying as Saya. The truth is quite different from what she thought.




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