“Otsukai” will help you to purchase Japanese anime goods


If you want to buy Japanese anime goods, this website might help you!


Otsukai | https://otsukai.manga.tokyo/


What is “Otsukai”?

If you want to buy Japanese anime goods or comics which you can get only in Japan, you can ask a Japanese member to purchase and send it to you through the Otsukai website.


Safe payment

When you’ve decided to purchase, your payment is sent to the Otsukai office via PayPal. Then Otsukai will pay to a Japanese member after the item has arrived.

Requested items displayed on the Otsukai website


A new user (Japanese people only) now gets an Amazon gift code

Now Otsukai holds a promotion campaign to increase Japanese members in the service.  Probably, that will make interaction between users of the service more active.

Otsukai guide is available.





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