AR allows you to see an ancient Kyoto view through your Android phone


Professor at Ritsumeikan University and his team have developed a mobile application “Virtual Heian-kyo AR,” which provides AR experience to see historical buildings at the site where they were standing in Heian-kyo, the ancient capital in Kyoto. The app is available on Android 6.0 or later for free.

An ancient Kyoto view is layered on top of the real, existing things you can see there.


The AR experience on the app is available in the area which was called Daidairi, the imperial palace in Keian-kyo. (The area expands 1.4 km from south to north and 1.2 km from east to west.)

A user’s location information is updated every 10 second by GPS so that app users can experience AR seamlessly even while they are moving.

In addition, eight AR markers are set on Suzakuooji, the ancient main street and one marker in the Rajomon scale model at Kyoto station. If you point your smartphone to one of the markers, VR mode is enabled and you can enjoy a 360-degree view of Heian-kyo.


They say that houses of famous noble men in Heian-kyo might be added to the AR contents.




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