“trunk” app offers hassle free storage service online – collected, stored and delivered


If you think that your room space is getting smaller because of things which spill out of the storage space,
you should think about using the app “trunk.” Your packed items will be picked up from your door.


It says “It takes only ten minutes to make your room spacious!”


How to use the “trunk” app

First, you need to order a dedicated box (or you can use your cardboard*)  and pack your belongings up to thirty items per box. The maximum weight is 20 kg (about 44.09 lb).

*If you want to use your cardboard, its maximum size measurements are 160 cm (about 62.9 inches) .

The screen to order a dedicated box. The dedicated box is free but you need to pay 540 yen per box as an initial cost.

Then, the box will be collected and then, it will be kept in the highly optimized warehouse as long as you like.
The monthly fee is 500 yen per month for one box to be kept. (The initial cost you have to pay to start using the service is 540 yen per box.)

Simple three steps to store your belongings through “trunk.”

The staff will open the box, take a picture of each item and make a list on the app so that you can easily see what is stored.
Besides, you can order any item to be sent to anywhere you want to get it.


Furthermore, when you find something that has become useless to you in your stored items, you can sell it through the flea market function of the app instantly.

You can sell and buy secondhand goods in the “ショップ” (=shop) page of the trunk website.


It seems that the app will be very helpful for you to manage what you have and make your life more comfortable.

Source: https://www.trunk.services/

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