Free, simple and fun app for learning Japanese words

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If you want to study Japanese language, you should try this app (for iOS and Android). This app is made for Japanese people to learn English words for “Eiken,” which is Test in Practical English Proficiency, one of the most widely used English-language testing programs in Japan.


Useful for English speakers, too

The way to learn words in the app is very simple.  Tap an icon with an Japanese word which you think means the English word.  This app is useful to not only Japanese people but also English speakers! You can learn Japanese words including kanji.  Correct?

The title says that 5572 words for each grade are available to learn in the app.


There are seven tests within the EIKEN framework, each representing a different ability level. In this app, you can choose from  “5級”(most basic level) to “2級”(advanced level). After you choose the test level, then choose


Then, choose a type of words from several categories, including “名詞 (nouns)”, “動詞 (verbs)”, “形容詞(adjectives)”, “副詞 (adverbs)”, “熟語(phrases)” and “その他(others)”.


After you’ve tried five words test, you’ll see the list of the test result like below. (Unfortunately, you can only check a pronunciation of English words by tapping the speaker icon.)


You’ll see ads in the app, but you can use the app for free!






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