Why don’t you travel in Kyoto with a cute robot, RoBoHon?


RoBoHon is a robot which was launched by Japanese electronics giant Sharp in 2016.
The 7-inch tall personal robot can talk, dance, take photos and search the web to answer questions, as well as answer calls like a regular smartphone.


MK taxi company now offers a limited-time-only Kyoto trip featuring RoBoHon, in which you can accompany RoBoHon as your private tour guide using an MK taxi.

The robot will not only provide you information on historical and cultural heritage in Kyoto but also have a chat with you.


The price is 7,000 yen per person if you apply for the trip for yourself. If a few people apply for it together, the price per person will be 6,000 yen.
Note: The price is for both adults and children who are 6 years old or older. If the total number of applicants for a tour is fewer than six, the tour will be cancelled.

The tour starts at 9:20 am and ends at 3:00 pm at Kyoto Station.  You will visit Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine and other historic sites.


When you want to book the tour, click here. Note that the travel with RoBoHon is only available from September 22, 2018 to March 31, 2019.


Source: http://www.mk-group.co.jp/travel/robotabitaxi/

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