DAISO offers budget smartphone accessories of good quality


DAISO is one of the most famous 100 yen shop chain in Japan. Items in that shop cost 108 yen including tax (there are some exceptions), so you can enjoy budget shopping.


You can find several good quality mobile phone accessories at DAISO for amazingly low price.


“USB power adapter for iPhone and iPad”

It costs only 324 yen but offers 2.4 A rapid charging.

A variety of USB adapters at DAISO


“Glass screen protector for iPhone X”

The 0.33- mm-thick glass comes with a dust removing sticker and cleaning cloth, but it costs only 108 yen!



“Smartphone speaker stand”

This isn’t an electric product but you can hear the sound through the slot louder.


In addition, you won’t lose money by getting a USB hub port(108 yen) , Bluetooth remote shutter (324 yen) and HDMI cable (324yen) .


Source:   http://www.daisoglobal.com/


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