Blow “Taxi Whistle” whenever you need a taxicab

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Sanwa Kotsu, a taxi company, has started a crowdfunding project of its new product “Taxi Whistle” at the Makuake website.

A whistle was used to call a kago, the equivalent of taxicabs in the Edo period (1603-1868).  The new product was inspired by that.


Easy to start using Taxi Whistle


First, you need to download the dedicated app on your iOS or Android device to connect the Taxi Whistle via Bluetooth. After that, you don’t have to launch the app when you want to use the service.

This is a regular version of Taxi Whistle.


How to use

When you blow the Taxi Whistle,


your location information is transmitted to a taxi driver and taxi comes to pick you up.


It will offer safety for women when they walk alone at night.


In addition, elderly people as well as kids can call a taxi easily without using a smartphone* whenever they need help.
*A user needs to have a smartphone to connect the whistle via bluetooth.


The service available area is now limited to a part of Tokyo, Yokohama and Saitama area.

If you think that blowing a whistle is embarrassing, you can just push an attached button to call a taxi.

If you contribute 2,450 JPY to the campaign, you can get one Taxi Whistle (regular version). Then, it will arrive at you in January, 2019.  76 days are left to apply for the contribution as of October 5, 2018.







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