Great e-reading app for kids to learn Japanese language


If you’d like your kids to learn Japanese language or you are a very beginner learner, why don’t you try the app?
The app has more than 500 children books and it will read aloud a story. The pictures and voices are provided by professional experts.


How to start subscription

Open the app “森のえほん館” (which means Library for kids in a forest) and tap the red button with the letter “購読” (which means Subscription) at the upper left corner.


Then, tap a specified book icon 3 times for confirmation.


Tap the orange button with the letter “購読する”(which means Subscribe).


Easy to use for kids

Select one that your kid or you want to read and tap the green button with the letter “よむ”(which means Read it). Then, you can start reading soon. (If you see an acorn on the book, that means that the book has already been downloaded onto your device.)


How much?

You need to pay monthly subscription fee (360 JPY) for the all-you-can-read service, but have a 10 day free trial.
Besides they have announced a new service that you can get a Rakuten Super Point if you open the app every day.(For details,


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