The lure might let you know what the fish are thinking


smartLure. Co., Ltd is a Japanese startup, which is an information service provider for fishers. They are going to visualize “the environment where the fish live” combining their smart lure with a built-in sensor and a dedicated smartphone app. The representative of the company says that he couldn’t catch fish for 4 months and that experience drove him to develop the product.

The fish catching expectations is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


The information is generated based on their big data of environment in the water, meteorological conditions and fisher’s behavior. The data can be used to provide tips of effective fishing.


The company announced that they will produce their smart lure, “smartlure α” on a commercial basis in 2019. They have already started testing its acceleration, temperature, illumination in lakes and water tank. They report that the result is that they can collect the details of the motion of the lure as precisely as they can collect using a high speed camera.


They say that “Our products enable you to understand where fish are and what kind of actions you should give to your lures given the data of your fishing experience.” The price and launch date is not published yet.



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