Post an onigiri photo to offer hungry children 5 school meals


TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) is a non-profit organization addressing the issues of hunger and obesity through a unique meal-sharing program. TFT started in Japan and they now operate in 14 countries around the world.
They partner with corporations, restaurants, schools, and other food establishments to serve healthy, meals marked with a special “TABLE FOR TWO” label. For each of these healthy meals served, a portion of the proceeds are donated to provide a school meal for a child in need.

Their “Change the World with Onigiri” campaign is ongoing (Onigiri means rice balls in Japanese) now . If you post a photo relating to onigiri on your SNS with #OnigiriAction, their partner organizations will donate to provide 5 school meals to hungry children.


You can see how to make onigiri.


Besides, you can enjoy the onigiri photo contest result.  (The photos posted by November 11 are eligible for the contest) The winners will be announced on their website after November 21, 2018.


The “Change the World with Onigiri” campaign will end on November 20, 2018, so don’t be late.



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