Get free service in your favorite beauty salon by watching a movie on “salomee.”

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Can you believe that just watching a movie allows you to get free services in a beauty salon? Now it’s true in Japan.

Using “0 (zero) JPY video coupon” on the salomee app, you can receive services as many times as you like for free in your favorite salon. You can find that various services including haircut, hair color, shampoo, treatment, eyelash extension, nail services and more are offered!


In order to get the wonderful coupon, all you have to do is just watch your favorite beautician’s live broadcast on the app for a specified period of time.  Of course, you can ask questions or talk to the beautician during the broadcast (maybe Japanese language is only supported). The number of registered beauticians is over 200 and you can ask the AI technology on the app which video you should watch.


How to use 0 (zero) JPY video coupon

①Watch the live broadcast delivered by your favorite salon on the salomee app.
②After your watching it, a coupon will be issued and you can book your visiting date and time.
③Go to the salon and receive a free service (or get a free product).
④Answer a questionnaire.

The service available area is now limited to Kanto region in Japan and they say that it will be expanded nationwide gradually.




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