Run out of battery on the street? “mocha” will help you.

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What do you do when you find your smartphone battery is running low on the street? Now the new service “mocha” will help you. The most outstanding point of mocha is any deposit and registration fee are not necessary to use the service!

mocha station 


How to use mocha

1.Download the dedicated app for mocha.

2.Open the app and register how to pay the fee for mocha.

3.Scan a QR code displayed on the mocha station when you want to use it at a place offering mocha.

4.You can take out a charger from the station to charge your device.

5.   You can return the charger into an empty slot at any mocha stations.

You can find a nearby mocha station using the app.


You can use a mocha charger for 15 minutes a day for free! Then, 100 JPY is charged per hour. The maximum charge is 500 JPY if you return the charger within 24 hours. If you keep the charger for 5 days, you are regarded to have purchased it for 3,000 JPY. If you have lost or damaged the charger, 3,000 JPY is charged.

The mocha service will be helpful not only in ordinary days but also in an emergency. They say that the chargers were offered at the airport after the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake hit Japan in 2018.








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