Enjoy smart hospitality on tabii tablet while staying at hotel in Japan


If you are planning to travel in Osaka, Japan, you should think about booking this new hotel, Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel. The hotel is going to open in January, 2019.

You can book on their official website http://cosmotower-hotel.jp/en/.


One of their unique features is its various photogenic rooms!

The room design is based on an okonomiyaki shop, CHIBO.


This room concept is derived from Sakura Color Products Corporation products, “CRAYPAS.”


They announced that they will introduce “tabii,” a tablet device offered to hotel guests in all rooms. The “tabii” will provide necessary information for guests such as sightseeing spots, restaurants, weather and so on.  You can also send useful information that you find on “tabii” to your smartphone. Besides, entertainment videos are also offered on the device. The languages supported on “tabii” are Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean language. The tabii maker, and factory inc. will expand the use of “tabii” nationwide and that will help you enjoy your stay in Japan much more!

Home screen of tabii tablet.






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