Delicious melon with Kumamon character face on it  


Nishikawa Nouen, a melon farm in Kumamoto, Japan and MELTA Inc. a 3D printing service provider have collaborated to produce a melon with a popular yuru-character “Kumamon” printed on the surface of it.


They scratch the surface of a young melon using a 3D-printed kumamon mold. Then netted skin will be formed on the scratches and kumamon face will appear on the melon!



The price is 6,480 yen (including tax and shipping fee). You can order the melon from January 8, 2019 to March 15, 2019 (JST) and you’ll receive your order in early May, 2019.

You can order from


Last but certainly not least, enjoy its juicy sweet taste, too! The size is big enough for a family.




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