Travel in Japan? Then try airKitchen to enjoy Japanese cooking


Do you have a plan to travel in Japan and look for a unique experience there? Then, how about taking a Japanese cooking lesson in a Japanese private home? The “airKitchen” website connects you to Japanese hosts who provide you with a Japanese cooking class.




How to use airKitchen

You can start using the airKitchen with the following three steps very easily.

  1. Choose your favorite host. Put a word (e.g. cuisine name or city name) in the search field on the top page.
  2. Enter your information including name, nationality, time preference, payment info and a message to the host (e.g. food restriction).
  3. Receive a booking confirmation email from the host. That’s it!
The three steps to use the airKitchen service.


Why use airKitchen?

Several famous cooking school companies also provide cooking lessons for non-Japanese travelers. Compared with them, the lessons provided by the airKitchen hosts are held with less people and that means you can talk more with a Japanese host to know more deeply about Japanese culture. Besides, you can customize the cooking lesson more easily consulting your host about lesson time, menu and so on.

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